About Sabin

Sabin is a vibrant community of 560 people in Clay County, Minnesota, about 14 miles southeast of Moorhead, MN. Sabin’s history is one of people working together for the benefit of everyone that lives here.

Sabin's History

Sabin's history starts as immigrants from Europe took advantage of the Homestead Act of 1862, worked their land with oxen, and built shelters, log cabins, or claim shanties. Find out more about Sabin's History.

Sabin Businesses

Sabin is the home to many area businesses and entrepreneurs.  Check out the businesses that make Sabin a vibrant community.  

Sabin's Churches and Schools

Sabin is the home to two churches, St. Cecilia's Catholic Church and Trinity Lutheran Church. The residents of Sabin MN have the choice of 3 different school districts to attend. Click here to learn more.